Dear Participants,

We are pleased to provide you with the following logistical information for the “2018 CONGRESS OF THE INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ADMINISTRATION SCIENCES (IIAS)”, which will be held from 25 - 29 June 2018 in Tunis, Tunisia. Further information can be found on the conference website:


Monday 25th, 2018: The National School of Administration ENA
Address: 24 Rue Dr Calmette, Tunis 1082
Phone:71 848 300

June 26,27 and 28 th,2018: The City of Culture:
Address: Avenue Mohamed V, Tunis
Phone: 70 028 330

Reception at the airport:
There will be a reception desk at the airport on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Upon leaving the customs area, exit on the right side and you will see the congress reception desk. You will be directed to take transportation to your hotel.

Transportation from the airport:
There will be buses to transport participants from the airport to the hotels listed on the website Only on Sunday June 24th, 2018. You will be directed to the buses from the reception desk. People arriving during the other days will be directed to Taxis. You have to change money into the local currency to pay the Taxi

Precongress day will take place at ENA from 9:00 am to 1:30 pm; transportation will be arranged to and from the Laico hotel.

It is the responsibility of each participant to book their respective hotel rooms. A list of suggested hotels is available at a special rate for the IIAS congress participants; Further information can be found on the booking page of the conference website: When booking accommodations, please reference the “IISA-ENA 2018”. The hotels are within a maximum of 30-minute Taxi ride from the City of Culture. Hotels such as Laico, Novotel and Ibis are only 5-minute walking distance from the City of Culture. We recommend the Laico hotel as it is the official designated partner hotel for the conference

Registration will take place on June 25,26 and 27th between 8:00 am and 05:30 pm at the congress sites (in both the National School of Administration ENA and in the City of Culture)

Distribution of badges:
Identity badges will be required to access the conference sites and events. This badge must be worn at all times and must be clearly visible for purposes of access control.
For participants who had already paid, upon presentation of a photo ID, they may pick up their badge in the registration desk at ENA or the City of Culture.
For those who did not pay, payment will have to be done onsite prior to confirmation of registration. Payment can be done by credit card, foreign currency or local dinars (for local delegates only)
If a badge is lost or stolen, the holder must immediately advise the event organizers at the registration desk.
Opening ceremony:
Tunisia’s Head of Government will officially open the congress in Tuesday June 26th at 9:00 am. All participants have to be seated by that time at the Amphitheater of the City of Culture.

There will be interpretation for parts of the program from Arabic to English, from French to English and from Chinese to English.

Lunch will be served during the three days of the congress June 26, 27 and 28th at the Laico hotel. There will be no lunch during the precongress day.

Free and high bandwidth Wi-Fi is available on both congress sites.

Social program:
There is a rich social program consisting of;
  • Reception at the ENA garden on Monday 25th
  • Reception at the City of Culture on Tuesday 26th
  • VIP dinners on Wednesday 27th
  • Gala dinner at ‘Ennejma Ezzahra Place’ on Thursday 28th
  • Visits to the world class Bardo museum, Tunisian Parliament, the historical City of Carthage and the picturesque village of Sid Bou Said

You have to register separately for the ENA reception and the Gala dinner. Limited seats are available for the visit to the Tunisian Parliament. VIP dinners are by invitation only.

Telecom Operators:
There are 3 main telecom operators in Tunisia with commercial desks in the airport (TUNISIE TELECOM, OOREDOO and ORANGE). You are advised to get a local chip to avoid high roaming charges.

Games are broadcast at 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm local time (GMT+1). We have arranged with the Laico hotel to dedicate space to IIAS participants to watch the games.

Private meetings, dinners and other functions:
For any booking, please contact LOBNA TOUJENI ( at the registration desk or directly the sales manager of the Laico hotel: Sami Riahi (; Phone: +216 58608526)

General information about Tunisia:
Tunisia is a safe and friendly country in North Africa. Millions of Europeans visit annually to enjoy the beaches along the Mediterranean and soak up some ancient culture amongst the well-preserved Roman ruins. The Sahara Desert attracts adventure seekers during the winter months. Southern Tunisia is where George Lucas filmed many of his Star Wars movies, he used the natural landscape and traditional Berber villages (some underground) to depict the Planet Tatooine.

Area: 163,610 sq km, (slightly larger than Georgia, US)
Location:Tunisia lies in Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Algeria and Libya
Capital city:Tunis
Population: Around 12 million people live in Tunisia.
Language: Arabic (official) and French (widely understood and used in commerce). Berber dialects are also spoken, especially in the South.
Religion: Muslim 98%, Christian 1%, Jewish and other 1%.
Climate: Tunisia has a temperate climate in the north with mild, rainy winters and hot, dry summers especially in the desert in the south.
Temperature : is currently about 30 °C
Currency: Tunisian Dinar (TND) 1 EURO = 3 TND and 1$ = 2.5 TND
Power plug: There are two plug types: C & E Plug Type C is the plug that has two round pins and plug type E that has two round pins and a hole for the socket male earthing pin. Tunisia operates on a 220 V supply voltage and 50 Hz

Contact information:
Please contact the following persons in case of emergency or other inquiries;
Mehrez Hafsi (ENA Tunis) : +21622958136
Lobna Toujeni (AGI) : +21623059802
Nilufar Lebasi (IIAS) : +32488553227